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Yes, but we encourage you to return the bike within our store hours, you will not be refunded your damage deposit until we get to inspect your rental. You are still liable if the bike is damaged or stolen until we are able to re check the bike back in.
Yes, we have a wide selection of dry bags, pannier bags or top bags available.
No, but we will have some available for purchase.
No, not at this time.
Yes, we offer both at an additional cost.
Yes, you will need to refill the fuel before returning the bike, if you are unable to refuel, a $45.00 charge will be deducted for your damage deposit.
All day rentals are for a 24hr period, so if you pick up 10am Friday, you will return the bike by 10 am Saturday. discounts are available for 7 day rentals and group riders, ask us for details.
Safety and maintenance are very important to us, but in the rare occasion that something might happen, just call us and we will do everything in our power get you up and running or onto another bike as soon as reasonably possible.